23 November 2007

I made a mistake

I went to the lake to lie in the sun
I made a mistake and lay on a bun

I went to the king to chat with him
I made a mistake and gave back the ring

I went to the kitchen to bake a cake
I made a mistake and made a lake

15 November 2007

Patterns on my Clothes

Patterns on my socks

GIULIA: My sock has a pattern. Blue, white, grey, white, blue, white, grey, white. 12321232. abcbabcb. My socks come from Japan.

07 November 2007

Using Cubes to Make Patterns

My pattern is brown, red, brown, yellow, brown orange; brown red brown yellow brown orange and so on. It has four colours in it.

Patterns I made with beads

26 September 2007

Giulia talks about plants...

I like flowers. I know a sunflower - when it's day it turns to the sun. At school we show seeds. The plum seeds - we crack the seeds in half to see the kernel. I took seeds at school and made a poster. Now we have a book called "My Bean Diary". We'll plant the beans and then we write what happens to the bean. I'm not sure what's going to happen because on one table the linseeds grew straight up, but on my table they grew crocked. We gave water to them - I don't know what happened.

(dictated by Giulia, typed by Mrs. E)

15 September 2007

Edible Art

I made my name out of vegetables. I made my L out of carrots. Then I nibbled them when I was finished. I liked making my name with vegetables.