28 February 2008


Invented by Fiona, Giulia and Evie

Rules: No peeking under the blindfold!
The oldest goes first

· Put the cards face down on the table
· Put the blindfold on

· Pick two cards
· Feel them

· If they are not the same you don’t keep them; it is the next person’s go

· If they are the same, you keep them; you have another go

· Who has the most cards when all the cards are gone wins

22 February 2008


This is a fan and it's made out of paper and wood and it's from Japan.

It's kind of fragile because once, by accident, I pulled a little bit off. Now I can see the fibres.

This is called a paper plate and it's made out of cardboard. Cardboard and paper are both made from natural materials. They are made from trees.

It's a bit flexible.
It is shiny on the top

and dull underneath.